Services for Real Estate Professionals
Truesdell Engineering can offer expert advice before, during, and after residential and commercial real estate transactions. Services are available for both buyers and sellers, depending on the needs of the client and the building.

Services for buyers
We do not provide general inspections, but rather consult on specific problems that you or your inspector decides requires a more detailed investigation.

Existing or historic structures often have been designed to lower load bearing capacities than modern building codes require. Converting a residence to a business or other use will always result in a higher load capacity requirement than the initial code requirement. A structural survey prior to purchase or remodeling can indicate necessary changes to the structure that will be necessary for the new use.

Both new and old residences can suffer from apparent structural failures. Some types of signs of possible structural problems can include:
• Cracks in masonry basement walls
• Cracks or spalling in concrete slabs
• Racking of doors and windows
• Sagging or sloping floors
• Plaster damage, especially at wall openings
• Leaning chimneys
• Broken or tilted retaining walls

Of course, not all of these conditions necessarily indicate structural problems. Certain cases are just the results of normal settling and thermal stresses that affect every building. If a pre-sale inspection reveals a suspect condition, we can provide a detailed report of the condition and likely causes as well as suggestions for remediation, if necessary. In the event that significant damage to the structure has occurred, a detailed set of construction plans can be prepared for a qualified contractor.

Services for Sellers
If a questionable condition exists in a building that is, or will be, for sale, Truesdell Engineering can offer the same investigative report that we offer to buyers. If the condition is one that is structural in nature, you and your agent can determine whether to repair the problem or offer other incentives. If the condition is not structural, you will have a report that you can provide to prospective buyers who are concerned about the damage, or cosmetic repairs that have been made.

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