Real Estate FAQ
How much does it cost to have my house investigation done?
The 2023 rate for a standard report on a single structural element for a residential property is $660 for properties in Blacksburg and Christiansburg, and $740 for Radford, VA. Other areas are based on the base fee plus travel time at normal engineering rates. Residential investigations are generally for a single or group of closely related issues. Multiple issues and/or appraisals of entire structures will be billed at hourly rates, and is billed similarly to a commercial review. This allows for the time spent writing up the recommendations for the conditions.

How much will it cost to have my commercial property investigation done?
Due to the larger range of investigations necessary for commercial properties, the fee is based on the actual time spent during the investigation and report writing. Mileage is included in the standard hourly rate, and time is calculated from the time the investigator leaves the Blacksburg office until he or she returns. A written contract specifying the scope may be provided prior to the investigation. For structures under 5,000 SF, we require an authorization for up to $2500 of engineering time. Full investigations for due diligence will generally range from 50 cents to a dollar per square foot, depending on size, type of construction, and building complexity.

Will a Professional Engineer do the investigation?
A professional engineer with specific experience and training in structural engineering makes each site visit. In addition, all reports are written or reviewed by a principal in the firm, and bear the seal of a professional engineer licensed to practice in Virginia.

How long will it take on site?
An appointment will be set up to meet you, and any other observers, generally within one week. We recommend that all interested parties be present: seller/owner, buyer, contractor, and agents. An on site residential investigation will likely last between 45 minutes and 1 hour, and the conditions present will be discussed during the visit.

How long will it take to get the report?
A report detailing the observations made on site as well as recommendations will normally be completed in three to five working days and copies emailed to all participants, with the approval of the client.

Can I get a digital copy of the report?
Any party approved to receive a written report will receive a digitally sealed copy of the report in PDF format via email. The report will be identical to the printed version, but will be digitally signed and will bear the seal of the approving engineer.

Can I make copies of the report?
Copies are governed by the copyright agreement contained in the report. For a residential transaction, you may make a copy for the other party in the transaction, your real estate agent, and for the agent of the other party. In cases where repairs are recommended, additional copies may be made for the purpose of obtaining repair estimates and, where repair designs are given, for permitting and construction.

Do you guarantee your results?
Buildings and their interactions with the environment is an inexact science. We provide a reasonable standard of care in all work produced. Each report contains specific language which forms the agreement between Truesdell Engineering and the client. Please contact us for a copy of these terms if you wish to review them prior to the site visit.

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