Services for Builders and Contractors

Whether you have a design build project on the boards, or run into a snag after a structure is in place, Truesdell Engineering can provide practical assistance for your project.

Early design assistance can range from basic calculations for beams, to full structural drawings that can be used to apply for a building permit and give you all the information you need to build the job. Calculation sets may be created for use by your in-house design team. You benefit from professional assistance on critical elements such as steel and reinforced concrete beams and columns, or lateral shear elements to meet required wind and seismic resistance. Construction drawings can also be prepared either as a stand-alone set or for incorporation into your master drawing package. Drawings include fully dimensioned plans, specifications or general notes, and concise construction details.

Of course, not all design work occurs before you break ground. Unexpected situations and owner changes can require new supports or special details to keep your job on schedule. Sometimes a new condition doesn’t require extra concrete or steel. A careful examination and backup calculations may reveal that your job can proceed as planned – with no extra manpower, materials, or delay required. We can offer design assistance and documentation to keep you on track.

Some problems can happen after part or all of the structure is built. Material failures, construction overloading, natural disasters, and subgrade failures can all cause problems after a structure is finished. Finally, new inspection requirements – or inspection failures due to non-conforming construction – can threaten budget and schedule. If you have an undesigned element, such as a steel beam, we can provide an analysis and certification letter. In the case that the beam is insufficient, we can offer design additions to correct the deficiency. If a non-conforming condition or material is uncovered, such as an incorrect grade of lumber, steel or concrete or an unusual construction detail, we can analyze for your actual condition and provide you the certification or additional design necessary to get your inspection approval.



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