Full Design Cycle Support Truesdell Engineering can provide support for the full architectural design cycle - providing you with comprehensive service for complex jobs.

Schematic Design

Early involvement helps to identify major structural systems and building requirements. After a plan review and one-on-one coordination with the designer a short narrative coordinating the overall design concept with the site characteristics and local load conditions is completed.

Design Development
Basic structural drawings and notes identify special conditions and solve key structural design challenges. A basic structural set with foundation, floor and roof plans, plus typical details and notes help you and your client get an accurate preliminary construction cost estimate.

Construction Documents
Fully detailed drawings and specifications (if desired) will minimize errors and unexpected delays in the field. Truesdell Engineering holds engineering seals in several Mid-Atlantic states and has a national Model Law Engineer record, allowing expedited licensing in most states in the US.

Construction Administration

Service after the set goes out keeps your project moving smoothly. Depending on size and complexity, pre-construction conferences can be scheduled to assist the contractor. Shop drawings are reviewed in a timely fashion to keep the job on schedule. Onsite progress visits for major structure systems check for compliance with the contract drawings.

For smaller projects and less complex structures, a reduced engineering scope is more economical. Below is a sample of the services we can provide.

Individual Phase Design
Don't need the entire design cycle? We can provide drawings or assistance at any point in a project. Whether it's a schematic narrative to get the project on the right track, or a scaled down set of construction documents to pull a permit, let us provide the technical assistance for your design set.

Component & System Design
Foundations, special bearing walls, structural steel, cantilevers, heavy roof systems, and wind & seismic frames are just some of the areas where a structural engineer can allow you the design flexibility you want. We can provide sealed calculations for your plans and details, or special details ready for inclusion in your drawing set.

Renovations and additions introduce challenges to any project. Whether you are removing a bearing wall in a residence or need to underpin the entire side of a building in order to add on we can offer the engineering to safeguard the original building structure.

Sagging floors, cracked concrete, damage from humans or mother nature - we can show you how to repair or upgrade an existing building. Need to know how much a building can handle? Let us evaluate the in service condition and - if necessary - let you know the options for upgrading the structure's capacity.




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